Placing renewable energies at our Core


Effective from Monday 2nd May, our business will be renamed Core Energies Ltd.

The business, which was established in April 2006 was founded to provide specialist process control and instrumentation services to a buoyant North Sea market.  It has built a proven track record of working with operators and engineering design contractors to overcome process challenges and maximise uptime.

In its 16 years, Core and its team of consultants have delivered projects on a global scale, building experience and expertise extending through all operational areas of the discipline, from process control, instrumentation, plant optimisation, alarm management, functional safety and obsolescence management to automation and safety system upgrades from single machines through to the complete plant.

Changing the company name to Core Energies Ltd reflects the evolution the firm has been making in embracing new opportunities in the energy transition and other areas, including our successful provision of engineering services on a coal to biomass power station conversion project.

Robert Allan, managing director said: “In recent months and weeks, we have seen the surge in oil price with continued challenges of trying to balance supply and demand for a global economy which faces many uncertainties.  We’ve seen delayed projects come online and welcomed continued commitments to existing facilities and infrastructure.

“As the world remains heavily reliant on the recovery of hydrocarbons, it’s likely that recovery of oil and gas from the North Sea is going to continue for several decades and this will still be a significant part of our business for years to come. However, this needs to be matched realistically and sustainably with forward thinking for a local and global transition to cleaner energy sources.

“In particular for Core, the area of green hydrogen production with the associated compression and transmission of a highly flammable gas aligns with our current skill set of services and products and we will be developing further collaborative opportunities within this area as part of the North Sea Transition Deal.”

Core’s name change coincides with the firm’s decision to adopt a flexible and remote working model for all staff and associates.

We have relocated from our head office on Golden Square to flexible office facilities at Spaces, 1 Marischal Square on Aberdeen City’s Broad Street.

“This is better suited to our flexible working model whilst still maintaining a strategic presence in Aberdeen City Centre.  The impact of COVID-19 in 2020 was huge worldwide and totally changed the way that people conducted their day-to-day business. However, from our perspective, we had already embraced the remote working ethos with associates as far away as New Zealand and clients all over the globe.

“The last two years have demonstrated the success of this model with our team conducting several significant scopes for companies in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Africa.  This includes the recent completion of a 1.2 million alarm rationalisation and prioritisation project covering ten assets in the Gulf of Mexico.  This project was successfully delivered remotely over an 18-month period whilst dealing with the challenges of COVID, time difference and the hurricane season.

“As a lean and agile business, we have the ability to continuously evolve whilst maintaining an enviable record for delivery.  The industry is at a pivotal point and we’re here to move forward into a new and exciting future as Core Energies.”